Boc warned the government on Igaş that will have "no hour of honey"

Prime Minister Emil Boc has warned the new Minister of Administration and Interior Traian Igas first participation on government session that will have "no hour of honey" and will be required to enter directly into the legislative and political battles .

Members - 18-04-2014

PSD will propose a government of 13 ministers and four ministers delegates

PSD could be proposed by the government program which will be presented at the National Council of 16 October, a governance structure with 13 ministers and four ministers delegates said Thursday, AFP, party sources.

Corporate - 17-04-2014

Borbely wants accountability Government Pensions Act if it does not pass DC

UDMR Executive Vice President Laszlo Borbely said Thursday at a press conference that will hold accountable Government Pensions Act if it will not pass Constitutional Court since its approval is a commitment in the relationship with the IMF.

Media - 15-04-2014

Government PSD: 13 ministries, regional development goes to MIA in building infrastructure

President of the National Council of PSD, Adrian Nastase, presented Thursday at a press conference, a variant of governmental structure that could be included in the government program developed by departments Party.

Media - 11-04-2014

A member of Timis proposes tax PDL weddings and banquets

PDL Deputy Gheorghe Ciobanu Timis said Thursday at a press conference, he proposed the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (NAFA), Sorin Blejnar taxation weddings and banquets, stating that tax evasion in this area is "fantastic".

Members - 09-04-2014

Basescu CSAT: they intervene in force against violence clans

President Traian Basescu said in CSAT meeting Thursday that the need to intervene in force for clans or violence caused by organized crime groups in the area and show zero tolerance in cases where dignity and integrity of personnel MIA.

Corporate - 07-04-2014

CSAT: Romania has met all commitments to join the Schengen area

CSAT members discussed Thursday's accession to the Schengen area, concluding that our country has fulfilled all its commitments in this regard.

Authors - 06-04-2014

A former deputy PDL: Several Liberal Democrat MPs will resign from party

Former deputy White PDL Potor Calin, who resigned from the party in august said Thursday in a press conference that several MPs PDL party intends to resign from being dissatisfied with the government's decisions of late.

Members - 05-04-2014

Basescu has promulgated public-private partnership law, reviewed the request

Basescu promulgated Thursday public-private partnership law, reviewed the request because of provisions that could create confusion in the market, due to neoperării distinction between the legal status provided by GEO 34/2006 and derogatory provided by the legislation.

Members - 03-04-2014

Boc: Two moguls and politicians gave two and hands on the impeachment of President

Two moguls and politicians gave two and hands for the impeachment of President, neînvăţând anything from the lessons of history and affecting the interests of Romania, with the sole objective to stop the course of justice or access to resources within the mandate of the current president untouched, says PM Boc.

Corporate - 02-04-2014

PDL harsh attack against Voiculescu and Vîntu for "defamation campaign" by Basescu

PDL deputy Voinescu launched Friday in a press conference, a harsh attack against Dan Voiculescu and Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, showing that "television sponsored by the two men intensified campaign of slander and defamation" of President Traian Basescu and PDL.

Members - 29-03-2014

Boc Roberta Anastase is further supported by the head of the Chamber of Deputies PDL

Roberta Anastase is further supported by the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies PDL said Friday leader Emil Boc, adding that the Liberal Democrat party has not discussed its removal from the House leadership, as stated PSD leader Victor Ponta .

Podcast - 28-03-2014

Frunda: UDMR will not vote for a motion of censure, but does not mean that some MPs will not support

UDMR Senator Gyorgy Frunda said Friday in RFI Romania, the Union will not vote announced opposition censure motion, but this does not mean that MPs UDMR opposition could not support the request.

Corporate - 24-03-2014

Voiculescu: I call on all fellow MPs to support Basescu's suspension

Senator told AFP that will support all legal steps for initiation of the suspension, he said, adding that the president "feels that the parliamentary majority that supports it falls apart and try again diversion with moguls".

Media - 22-03-2014

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